Meet Dan

Let me introduce myself. I’m Dan Nunley and since 1996 I’ve helped thousands of good people who were struggling with serious debt problems to regain their financial freedom and begin the process of rebuilding their credit.

If you feel like you’re drowning in debt and you’re considering filing bankruptcy, I am honored that you would consider hiring me as your bankruptcy lawyer. There are many bankruptcy attorneys in Oklahoma so let me briefly explain to you why it would be to your benefit to have me as your lawyer rather than someone else.

If you hire me as your bankruptcy attorney, you’ll get:

  • a lawyer who can understand your feelings because I’ve been through bankruptcy myself.
  • a lawyer who will make things more convenient and less expensive for you. Most won’t.
  • a lawyer who will do all of the work on your case himself. Most don’t.
  • a lawyer who has helped thousands of Oklahomans through bankruptcy. Most haven’t.

I really do understand what you’re going through.

Like you, I am someone who has faced the feelings of shame, guilt, doubt and fear associated with filing bankruptcy. In 2001, due to a combination of unanticipated events, I was facing my very own financial crisis. After trying every other option available to me, I eventually filed bankruptcy.

Because of my own personal experiences in filing bankruptcy, it is easier for me to understand what my clients are feeling and I am better able to help them through the bankruptcy process.

I work hard to make things more convenient and less expensive.

I’m known as the bankruptcy lawyer who doesn’t have a “real” office.

Most lawyers have “real” offices. This means that in order to talk with the lawyer, you have to call his receptionist and schedule an appointment.

Then you have to drive to the lawyer’s office, try to find a parking spot, and sit in the waiting room for who knows how long.

Plus you probably have to take time off work or find someone to watch your kids.

This is all very convenient for the lawyer but not for you.

I don’t work that way. Instead, I try to make things easier for my clients.

My clients don’t care about seeing my fancy diplomas. And they sure don’t care to sit in an uncomfortable chair in a waiting room filled with old magazines.

My clients get to communicate with me at their convenience. From their own home or work place. By telephone or email. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Today’s technology allows me to help my clients from my virtual law office. This just means that I work from home and do everything by phone, fax, email and even the old-fashioned U.S. Postal Service.

My computer and telephone systems make use of the latest technology which allows me to be available when and where you need me – not when and where I want you to be.

The simple truth of the matter is that the vast majority of bankruptcy work does not require the lawyer and client to meet face-to-face.  On the rare occasions when I do need to meet my client face-to-face, we meet somewhere convenient with a relaxed atmosphere and visit over a cup of coffee or soft drink.

Sounds a lot better that having to go to a stuffy old lawyer’s office, now doesn’t it?

I do everything myself.

When you hire me to be your bankruptcy lawyer, you get me and only me. 100% of the time. Period.

You get me. Not a receptionist. Not a legal assistant. Not a young, inexperienced attorney.

I personally answer and return each and every one of your phone calls.

I personally read and respond to each and every one of your emails.

I personally prepare your bankruptcy documents and file them with the court clerk.

And I will be the one who is with you when it comes time to go to court.

I have the bankruptcy knowledge and experience you want your lawyer to have.

Some lawyers dabble in bankruptcy. Not me.

I’ve represented thousands of Oklahomans in bankruptcy court since 1996 so rest assured that whatever debt problems you are facing, I can help you solve them because I know bankruptcy law inside and out.

As soon as you hire me, I’ll make sure that the harassing phone calls stop immediately. Not next week or next month.

Each and every one of your creditors and debt collectors will know that I represent you. And if they continue to call, I will sue them in bankruptcy court to make them stop.

So I’m your man if you want a bankruptcy attorney who:

  • is more concerned with your convenience than his fancy office
  • will treat you with understanding, courtesy and respect
  • will answer your questions in plain English
  • knows bankruptcy law inside and out
  • does things right the first time, and
  • does exactly what he says he will do

Contact me today by phone or email for a FREE confidential initial consultation.