Hiring Dan

If you have visited the Meet Dan page, you know that I have chosen to operate a one-man office. This means that when you hire me, you get me 100% of the time. Not a receptionist. Not a legal assistant. Not a new associate just out of law school. I’ll be the one who answers the phone when you call. If I’m busy when you call, I’ll listen to your message and return your call myself. I’ll review and answer each of your emails. I’ll be the one who meets with you. I’ll be the one who goes to court with you. I and only I will work on your case.

In order to provide this high level of personal service and quality legal work to each of my clients, I have developed some simple procedures that when followed allow me and my clients to work well together. When you decide that you want to talk with me about your debt problems, this is the process that we will follow:

1.  To get started, first read this post to make sure that you live in one of the counties of either the Eastern District or the Northern District of Oklahoma. If you do, then either fill out the Contact Dan form on the far right side of this page or simply call me at 918-615-8260 to set up a FREE telephone consultation.

2. During our telephone consultation, I will do my best to answer any questions that you may have. Then I will ask you some simple questions concerning you, your family, your income, your expenses, and your debts in order to understand your specific situation. Next we will discuss the bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options available to help you. I also will explain all fees required to hire me as your bankruptcy lawyer.

3.  If you decide that bankruptcy is your best option and you want to hire me as your bankruptcy lawyer, then I will email or mail you an Attorney-Client Agreement for you to review, sign and return along with your initial payment toward my attorney’s fee.

4.  Once I have received the signed Attorney-Client Agreement and initial payment, I will email or mail you a Bankruptcy Packet to begin work on. In completing this packet, you’ll give me detailed information regarding  your income, expenses, debts and assets – information that is necessary for me to be able to prepare your bankruptcy documents. Once you have thoroughly completed the Bankruptcy Packet, you’ll return it to me along with your payment for the balance of my attorney’s fee.

5.  You’ll then need to take the Credit Counseling class that is required of everyone who files bankruptcy. You can take the credit counseling class in person, by telephone or on your computer over the Internet in less than an hour. Once you have completed the credit counseling session, you’ll need to provide me with your Certificate of Completion which must be filed along with your other bankruptcy documents.

6.  When I have prepared all of your bankruptcy documents, we will schedule a signing appointment. We will meet together and review the accuracy and completeness of the bankruptcy documents, I will make any necessary changes, and you and I will sign the bankruptcy documents. I will also give you information concerning what will happen throughout your bankruptcy case from the time it is filed until the time it is finished.

7.  Once we have reviewed and signed your bankruptcy documents, I will file them with the bankruptcy court that same day. The instant your bankruptcy case is filed with the court, an automatic stay immediately goes into effect. The automatic stay stops your creditors from taking any further collection activity against you without first gaining the approval of the bankruptcy judge.

Filing bankruptcy will offer you great protection from your creditors and bill collectors. Filing bankruptcy can help you save your home from foreclosure or your car from repossession. It can stop lawsuits filed against you. It can stop the garnishment of your paycheck.  However, you won’t get any of this protection until your bankruptcy case is actually filed with the bankruptcy court.

Therefore, from the moment you hire me, it should be your goal to get your bankruptcy case filed as quickly as possible. Realize however that getting your case filed quickly will require you to be cooperative and honest with me, to follow my advice and instructions, and to be diligent, thorough and timely in providing me the information I need to prepare your bankruptcy documents.