Client Testimonials

“Though it was an uneasy decision, I chose to file bankruptcy during 2013 to escape all the creditors and the difficulties of moving into different apartments.  I’m very glad I received bankruptcy assistance from Mr. Nunley.  From our first meeting he was extremely friendly and professional throughout the entire process.  He demonstrated mastery in his field time and time again by quickly answering my questions through email and/or phone, and always remained kind and respectful despite my constant barrage of questions.  The entire bankruptcy process at first seemed to be overwhelming when I first realized how much paperwork was going to be involved, but Mr. Nunley made it feel more like a step-by-step process that smoothed things out and made me more comfortable as time passed.  The bankruptcy ended with no complications at all, and I would highly recommend Mr Nunley’s expertise to anyone!”

B.B., Tulsa

“If you need a bankruptcy lawyer, then Mr. Nunley is your best choice. We had some bad things happen and had to file bankruptcy. We were scared and didn’t know what our first step should be. I found Dan’s name online and called him, and I’m so happy we did! He walked us thru everything, step by step. Never once made us feel bad or stupid. He told us what to expect in court and it has all gone very smoothly, a whole lot smoother and quicker than I first thought! We are forever greatful to him for helping us.”

J.W. & C.W., Claremore

“Mr. Nunley, I want to thank you for your patience, knowledge of the law and professionalism displayed as I traveled through this difficult process.  I will certainly recommend you to others who find themselves in need of a great bankruptcy attorney.”

N.C., Tulsa

“Dan, You can’t begin to know how grateful we are for your wise counsel and support during this difficult time. We feel very blessed to have been given a second chance. It is so freeing to know we are once again back on track. We would like to thank you for your kindness, your hard work and also for your help in making this process go so smoothly. We really appreciate all that you have done for us.”

G.K. & R.K., Oologah

“Dan, Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how well you handled my bankruptcy. I was so concerned about the stress I would face with the filing procedure but the way you walked me through everything made it surprisingly easy. I felt utmost secure and comfortable due to your promptness and thoroughness in returning my phone calls, emails and giving me the information I needed. You are great at what you do and I would recommend you to anyone.”

V.M., Tulsa

“Filing bankruptcy was the last thing that my husband and I wanted to do but it was something that we needed to do. A friend referred us to Dan Nunley and Mr. Nunley knew the answer to every question we had for him. He was very thorough throughout the entire process including making sure that we felt fully prepared for our court hearing. It was truly a pleasure to work with Mr. Nunley during this difficult time for us. He was always on and by our side. I don’t hesitate to recommend Dan Nunley to anyone who finds themselves in need of a good bankruptcy lawyer.”

J.G. & A.G., Broken Arrow

“Mr. Nunley recently represented me in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Mr. Nunley did a great job and made a very scary process not so scary. Mr. Nunley’s experience and knowledge made the process go very smoothly. I was very relieved and happy with the results. I enjoyed working with Mr. Nunley as he was professional but also very down to earth. He was excellent in follow up and answering every question that I had. He took the time to explain everything in a way that I could easily understand. The personal attention he gave me was comforting and very much appreciated. I would recommend Mr. Nunley to anybody who is seriously considering filing bankruptcy.”

J.D., Tulsa

“When I was at the end of my financial rope, I made the difficult decision to file bankruptcy.  After much research and actually being referred by more than one person to him, I decided on Mr. Nunley.  Throughout the entire process he was attentive, responding in a timely manner to all phone calls, and emails, and taking his time to help me understand and be comfortable with the process.  I can’t speak highly enough of his skills and professionalism.”

R.B., Tulsa

“I had talked with two other attorneys and felt dejected and really nothing more than a number to them before finding Dan on the Internet. After doing a lot of research into it (which I can tell you is at the very least overwhelming) I figured out I would have to file Chapter 7 so I did an Internet search for “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Oklahoma”. There was a link to Dan’s website on the first page of results. The wealth of information and the responses he had given to peoples’ questions was very impressive. After speaking to him I knew Dan was someone I could trust to look out for me and my family during this ugly period in my life. I was a small business owner and had finally started see some of the fruits of my labor when the recession hit Tulsa. I did everything I could to keep my business open and workers employed but after losing several clients to the recession I finally came to the realization that I too was going to be a victim of it. I had incurred too much debt to pay off even after selling all of my assets. Dan helped get me through this period with my home and family intact and I can’t thank him enough for that. He helped me to get a new start and I am making the best of it. Thank You Dan, I mean that sincerely.”

S.N., Tulsa

“Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Dan Nunley to anyone considering bankruptcy. Dan has been a great asset in getting through this challenging time. He walked me through the entire process and was always timely in his filings and responses. With his thoroughness and attention to detail, I never felt concerned about the process, paperwork or court appearance – Dan made it simple and easy.”

P.K., Tulsa

“My husband and I found ourselves in a precarious position after months of under-employment which led to questions like “Should we pay our utilities or renew our auto insurance?” After my husband was involved in an at-fault car accident, we realized, with great horror, that our decision had left us uninsured, unprotected and liable. Shock gave way to the knowledge that our only option was bankruptcy, so my husband met with an attorney from a prominent Tulsa law firm; however, we were extremely dissatisfied with the quality of the customer service, and we decided to hire new legal representation. After some internet research, my husband discovered Dan Nunley, and although he seemed highly knowledgeable, we felt some anxiety, because he did not use a traditional office. Our initial meeting with him eased all of our doubts, and as time progressed, we became more and more aware that Mr. Nunley is the most qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney in Tulsa County. Not only is he professional, organized and most competent, he is kind and personable, helping his clients to relax and feel secure throughout the entire bankruptcy process. My husband and I highly recommend Dan Nunley; do not waste your time or money by hiring anyone else!”

A.R. & L.R., Broken Arrow

“It would not be possible to adequately thank you Dan  for walking through this bankruptcy process with me and making it so easy. In my mind, it was going to be a long, dreadful, before-the-judge process that would take my life out of me. Not being able to pay my debts and receiving collection calls was bad enough but I imagined that the bankruptcy process would be much worse. Much to my surprise, that wasn’t the case. You were such a gentleman and never made me feel the least bit nervous with the process. I think your informal meeting locations are excellent … no formal down town office to deal with … that just adds to the ease of the process. The cost of your services was so fair, so reasonable. Again, I had thought the cost would be prohibitive. I am so grateful for a friend who told me that you were the attorney I should contact. She was so right. It is great the way God brings people into our lives for good. May He continue to bless you as you bless so many people.”

B.B., Moore

“Mr. Nunley, I want to say how much I have appreciated your help and your professional service throughout this entire process. When I found your web site I was very pleased, it answered many questions  and  concerns of mine, and when I started  to work with you I was even more pleased. I felt that you truly cared and that your were sensitive to my situation. This in turn made my life a little easier in a very difficult situation. You were very thorough and very helpful in everything and you responded promptly to any  concerns I had. I highly recommend you to anyone who finds them self in the unfortunate event of filing bankruptcy. I think that you are honest, sincere and approachable. I will be forever grateful to you for the exceptional service that you have provided. With deepest gratitude.”

M.C., Tulsa

“We found ourselves in desperate need of direction. Was bankruptcy right for us? Did we qualify? Do we have enough debt? How much does it cost? When searching the Internet to answer these questions I found Dan’s website and was amazed at the wealth of information! After a short phone consultation we hired Dan to guide and represent us in our Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. I found that Dan was VERY down to earth and made us feel that getting back in control of our financial situation again was a reality. Due to our busy schedules we appreciated communicating through email any time of day and getting a quick thorough response back every single time. We did not have to go sit in a stuffy, ridiculously decorated office and made to feel like we should be ashamed of our situation. Our meeting was in a casual establishment on a Saturday afternoon (again due to schedules) and we left feeling a sense of relief and moving forward. Dan has thorough knowledge of bankruptcy laws and procedures and explained every detail precisely as it happened. We know without Dan this could have been a very different experience and know that we made the right decision to HIRE DAN! Signed: Very pleased and satisfied clients.”

K.B. & K.B., Okmulgee

“Dan, You understand it is very difficult for me to be brief – so please feel free to use whatever you want from this statement from us.  I read this to W.D. and he just shook his head and said ‘you cannot put it into words how much Dan helped us.’ Here is our testimonial for you and remember we will love you forever: Health brought retirement sooner than planned and forced us to search for available options to relieve our credit card debt. Bankruptcy was a difficult choice although it was our best choice in order to keep our home and retirement savings. This was a tough decision because we were raised to view bankruptcy in a very negative way. Thank goodness for Attorney Dan Nunley who helped us through this traumatic time in our lives and provided us with the greatest respect and comfort so desperately needed during this difficult time. Dan was always there when we needed him – only an email or phone call away.”

W.D. & J.D., Muskogee

“Selecting Dan Nunley as my bankruptcy attorney was probably the best decision I’ve made in a long time. He is a expert in his field. He treated me professionally and courteously. He returned all my calls promptly and responded to my emails in a very timely manner. He answered my endless questions with respect and kindness. It was a good feeling in a very difficult situation knowing I could trust him to guide me successfully through the bankruptcy process. Thank you Mr. Nunley!”

G.M., Tulsa

“I was so ashamed of where I’d gotten to in my financial life. By the time I contacted you, Mr. Nunley, I was scared and desperate. I didn’t know what was going to happen. From our first meeting, you made me feel comfortable with my decision. You carefully explained how the process would work and answered my many questions.  Never once did you make me feel embarrassed or humiliated. Your kind consideration helped me maintain my dignity. I am very appreciative of your help in getting that part of my life back. Thank you!”

T.B., Tulsa

“Mr. Nunley, I want to say how much I have appreciated your help and how you do it. Filing bankruptcy was not an easy choice but after my divorce I decided I had no other choice. Working in the legal field, it was very important to me to find the right lawyer. I asked around and kept getting your name. Someone pointed me to your web site and I was pleased. Working with you just pleased me more.  You truly care about your clients and are sensitive to their situation. I really liked how easy it was to work with you around my work schedule and not have to miss hardly any work at all. You were very thorough and very helpful in everything and very prompt to responding to any messages I left. I cannot thank you enough for what you do. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know needing help. I truly appreciate it. Thank you again and God Bless!!”

E.H., Claremore

“Dan, I would like to thank you for all of your help and consideration for me during this very difficult time in my life. You did an amazing job for me. I would recommend you to anyone who should find themselves in this unfortunate situation. You were extremely knowledgeable in the law and everything went exactly as you said it would go. I was treated with respect during this difficult time and I so much appreciated it. Thank you for everything.”
P.W., Owasso

“Thank you so much Dan for your legal guidance. You’ve given us a chance in preparing for an ominous period ahead for the world economy. I’m sure everyone believes their respective cases are unique, however you were able to provide sound advice in helping us navigate through a complicated process. I’m hopeful that I will not have to refer any friends or loved ones to you, but if someone is in need of similar services, I can’t think of a better attorney than you.” 

J.L. & K.L., Tulsa

“Bankruptcy. For me, that word was embarrassing, shameful and scary. Dan Nunley helped me through this process. Not only did he pay close attention to the required paperwork but Dan helped me feel better about myself and my situation … that the bankruptcy was a means to get a fresh start, not something to be embarrassed about. Dan was prompt with answering any questions I had. Dan is a very considerate person. I THANK YOU, Dan Nunley.”

P.T., Tulsa

“Thank you Dan for your service throughout this entire process. At our first meeting you put us at ease with an easily understood explanation of how the bankruptcy process would work. We knew exactly what you needed from us as well as what we should expect from you. All of our questions have always been handled in a prompt professional manner. We really appreciated receiving call backs or responses to emails in minutes instead of hours or days later. This process has been completely worry free for us and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

B.H. & K.H., Tulsa

“Mr. Nunley, Thank you so much for all your work on my bankruptcy. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.”

F.H., Tulsa

“Mr. Nunley, I want to give you a big thank you for walking me through the Chapter 7 process. You made it painless and effortless. Hopefully I never have to see you again (LOL). I will recommend anyone with the same problem to you in the future.”

J.M., Tulsa

“When I started this process, I was very unsure of what to do as, I had never filed for bankruptcy before. I was doing some research and came across Mr. Nunley’s website and started reading all the information. I then decided to contact Mr. Nunley and I’m very glad that I did. I just want to thank you Dan for all the help you have given me, it is a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders. You were very informative and fast and made the process very easy for me. I also appreciate the fact that you were very respectful of my situation and made me feel at ease. I will definitely recommend you. Thank you again.”

C.M., Tulsa

“Mr. Nunley has done a wonderful job of both providing me with answers to any/all questions regarding the filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as representing me after I chose to retain him for my case. He is prompt and courteous in returning e-mails and very compassionate, understanding, and patient when meeting with him in person. I would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themself in the unfortunate event of filing bankruptcy.”

S.L., Tulsa

“Mr. Nunley, We would like to issue an honest and sincere “thanks” for everything you have done for us.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we saw our financial world slowly slipping out of control.  For months we realized we might need help to resolve all of the financial problems we encountered.  We were very nervous while trying to find someone that could help us, and we feel very blessed to have found you.

From the first time we talked with you up until our case was closed you have been nothing but professional and personable.  We found that you were very easy to get in touch with whether it be in person, phone or email.  You calmed any and all fears we had throughout the entire filing process, and for that we cannot thank you enough.  We will certainly refer you to anyone who is considering filing for bankruptcy.”

B.J. & S.J., Jenks

“Mr. Nunley, I cannot express to you how grateful I am.  Just to have the phone calls stop at the beginning was such a relief.  After my divorce, I already felt bad, but I  felt TERRIBLE about not being able to pay my bills;  I’ve always been responsible, how did I get here?!  Every time the phone rang, I felt this awful sense of failure and dread. Through every step of my bankruptcy, your demonstrated knowledge of the process, your sound and confident advice, as well as your calm nature, helped me to not only get a fresh financial start, but also helped me feel confident in myself again. Thank you for that. I will gladly recommend you to anyone I think can benefit from your expertise. God bless you.”

A.H., Tulsa

“Mr. Nunley, I can not thank you enough for your services. You truly made this whole process worry free. I have to admit I was a bit scared to file bankruptcy, so many feelings of shame and guilt, but you helped me with every question I had and reassured me that everything would be all right. Thank you, thank you, thank you! from the bottom of my heart. You helped me get my life back and now I can begin to pick up the pieces and get on the right path again.”

D.S., Keota

“Mr. Nunley, I thank you for all of your time and attention throughout the process of my bankruptcy. When I first contacted you I was stuck in a financial nightmare, living paycheck to paycheck, and suffering both personally and professionally as a result of my debts. Your guidance and expertise clarified my situation, gave me hope, and helped me get my life back. I will be forever grateful to you for the exceptional service that you have provided. With deepest and sincere thanks.”

A.W., Tulsa

“Dan was a real pleasure to work with and very professional.  His method of doing business online is very unique and worked very well for my needs.  His website is also very helpful and informative!  He was very prompt in answering e-mails, answering my questions, and overall preparation of my case.  He was great in preparing me for the trustee hearing.  I would recommend his services to anyone who requires excellent legal representation in a bankruptcy case.  Thank you very much Dan!”

R.B., Tulsa

“When we first realized we would have to file for bankruptcy, we made an appointment with a well known local attorney. His “free consultation” consisted of sitting in the waiting room at his fancy office for 45 minutes to see him. Then, he spent most of our consultation time talking about high profile cases he had been involved with.

When we found Dan’s web site and saw how informative it was, we knew he was the attorney for us. Unlike a traditional attorney with a “brick & mortar” office, Dan was able to handle our case almost exclusively through phone calls and e-mails. The few in-person meetings that were necessary were conducted in a relaxed atmosphere in a professional and timely manner.

Dan was very responsive to our needs, returning phone calls & e-mails promptly and skillfully guiding us through the process, from initial consultation to filing and court hearing. Dan succeeded in making what is traditionally a stressful & unpleasant experience a lot more tolerable. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a professional, competent attorney to assist with bankruptcy.”

J.B. & R.F., Sapulpa

“Mr. Nunley was extremely professional and well organized at all times during our case. He made what seemed like a complicated and confusing process easy for us to understand. I was very impressed with Mr. Nunley’s work ethic and communication. He was always timely in responding to our emails and phone calls even at odd hours and on weekends. Mr. Nunley is worth every penny of his attorney’s fees and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a bankruptcy lawyer.”

D.S. & L.S., Haskell

“I wasn’t sure if bankruptcy was the answer for me but I knew I had questions. I tried my luck with an internet search and found Mr. Nunley’s website. After reading what some of his previous clients had said, I knew I had to contact him. Within a few minutes of sending the email form, Mr. Nunley himself called me – no assistants, no complicated process to speak with the person I needed. It only took a few moments of conversation to know that yes, Mr. Nunley was my answer. I haven’t had a lot of legal dealings in my life but enough to know lawyers can be intimidating, especially when we are talking about bankruptcy. Mr. Nunley made a potentially stressful situation almost painless and I have and will recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in this situation.”

L.S., Tulsa

“Just the thought of filing bankruptcy made me cringe. The feeling of failure, guilt, and shame were overwhelming. Being self-employed I should have purchased health insurance.  An emergency surgery changed my stable financial situation into a downward spiral. After searching and talking with two other bankruptcy attorney’s, I called Dan. I knew instantly he was the one. Dan automatically put me at ease and answered all my questions. Dan is very knowledgeable with the old and new bankruptcy laws. Every single email or phone call was returned promptly.  I will admit he is not the cheapest, but he is by far one of the best attorneys. I highly recommend Dan Nunley.  Just check out his website and see for yourself. All I can say is “THANK YOU DAN, I made the right choice in choosing YOU to represent me. I have my life back!!”

S.J., Muskogee

“Mr. Nunley, Thank you for your assistance in my bankruptcy. I was very thankful for your help and that you didn’t judge me or make me feel ashamed that I needed to file bankruptcy.  I appreciated your support in managing all of the paperwork and making the entire process painless.”

S.W., Tulsa

“I just want to thank you Mr. Nunley! You have helped me get through what was definitely a stressful period in my life. When I called you, I was an emotional, physical and mental mess from trying to deal with bill collectors. You can never be prepared for the shame and stress that comes along with falling on hard financial times. You feel like a failure to yourself, your family and the Lord. Mr Nunley put me at ease and lead me to focus on what needed to be done to move forward, not on what mistakes I had made.

I am always skeptical about using the Internet to find services for simple things, let alone using it to look for a lawyer to handle what could be my financial destruction or my financial recovery. Your website should have been a clue as to just how helpful and organized you are as a lawyer. When I called you, and told you about my situation, your response was calm and full of guidance, not short and full of cold hearted answers. The last thing a person needs is a lawyer that lumps you into a group, BUT You made me feel as if my situation was my situation and that you would treat it as such. Mr. Nunley walks through the steps with you and encourages you to stay positive along the way. He is your partner as you travel through the world of bankruptcy.

Thank you to all of Mr Nunley’s clients who took the time to leave testimonies about your experience. Those testimonies played a major role in me deciding to contact him and seek his services as my attorney. I feel that God blessed me with a lawyer who helps people maintain their integrity and self-respect, even though they are experiencing something as difficult as filing bankruptcy. It is our duty to share those blessings with others who are in the same situation. Our words could help other individuals who in the beginning may be feeling hopeless just like we were.

Thank you Mr Nunley! You have definitely led me in the direction of financial recovery. If you ever need a reference, put me on the list!”

S.L., Broken Arrow

“We were at a time in our lives when we thought we could not take any more. The bills were overwhelming and each day was a struggle to even wake up and try to survive another day. There seemed to be no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel. The bills were just stacking up and we were getting nowhere. And then we sought the help of Dan Nunley as the decision to file bankruptcy was inevitable. It was the best decision we ever made.

Dan took the burden off of our shoulders and placed it on his. It was like he lifted a mountain from on top of us. There has been quiet and peace for the first time in years. When Dan took over, all creditors had to go through him, which meant the consistent calls and worry over our bills just stopped. It was like you could hear a pin drop in the quiet it brought us.

Dan is one of the kindest and most professional men we have ever met. He was a Godsend to us. If you are like us and facing bankruptcy, there is no better person to handle this situation for you than Dan Nunley. We cannot thank him enough for his work and kindness. He has become a great friend through all of this. One that is very dear to our hearts. We wanted to share this with anyone facing our situation so that they will know that they could not be in better hands.”

P.P. & J.P., Bartlesville

“Before I found Mr. Nunley, I felt like I was fighting an endless battle and I was never going to get ahead and I knew I needed to file bankruptcy but didn’t know where to start and what to do. Then I found Mr Nunley and he assured me that there would be an end.  He was very easy to get a hold of and took the time to answer any question or concern that I had and explained things in a way that I could understand. When it came time to go to court, Mr. Nunley met with me and got me well prepared for the meeting with the trustee and the meeting went very smoothly with no surprises. I can’t recommend Mr. Nunley enough and all the words in the world can’t express how much I appreciate everything he has done for me, and now because of him my battle has ended.”

M.W., Broken Arrow

“Though I knew I had to do it, I fought filing bankruptcy for as long as I could. I was terrified and I had no clue as to where I would even begin. I found Mr. Nunley’s website–which was helpful in itself–and decided to contact him for a consultation. From there, everything went smoothly. He made the process much easier than the nightmare I had anticipated. He maintains a cheerful disposition and is always very professional and respectful. I am 100% satisfied with his service and I highly recommend him to anyone considering bankruptcy.”

A.H., Sapulpa

“I have always been responsible about paying my bills but somehow things got out of hand, so I decided to sign up for one of those debt management programs. That was a huge mistake because instead of helping me get out of debt, it made matters worst. Next thing I knew I was being sued by one of my creditors and my wages were about to be garnished. In desperation I decided to search the Internet for help. I came across Dan Nunley’s web site and he had some information about debt management programs and how they generally do not help. Boy was he right!  I decided to give Dan a call. He listened to me explain my situation and then he discussed all of the options that I had in a way that was easy for me to understand. I really didn’t want to file bankruptcy but I also didn’t want my wages to be garnished.  It was a trying process but Dan was there every step of the way to answer any questions and concerns. Now that the bankruptcy is completed, I can get my life back on track. Thanks again Dan for all your help!”

L.J., Tulsa

“Dan Nunley helped us with our filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This was our first experience with anything like this. We researched other attorneys and were very impressed with Mr. Nunley’s website and quick response to our case. He guided us through the entire process and we can now rest at ease. Our finances are back on track.”

J.A. & N.A., Broken Arrow

“Our experience filing bankruptcy was made so much easier thanks to Dan Nunley!  He was very understanding and empathetic to our situation, patient with our MANY questions, and extremely quick and thorough in working our case.  After our first conversation, our stress level went down dramatically!  We knew we had found an attorney who would represent us well and treat us with dignity! We can’t recommend him enough!”

C.M. & R.M., Stilwell

“My husband and I had been struggling financially for quite a while and had reached a point where we couldn’t handle the stress anymore. We felt like we were drowning in debt but when we called Mr. Nunley it was like hoisting ourselves onto a life raft and clinging to it for safety. Bankruptcy is a scary, confusing place to be when you aren’t sure what to expect, but the first time we spoke with Mr. Nunley, he went over all of the information so thoroughly that he was able to answer all of our questions before we even had to ask. He is incredibly knowledgeable about bankruptcy and tells you what to expect every step of the way. He treated us with kindness and understanding and never made us feel embarrassed or ashamed of the position we found ourselves in. He is courteous and professional yet so down-to-earth that he made us feel comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. The minute we completed our paperwork, the harassing phone calls from creditors stopped and we were once again able to live in peace. We will always be grateful to Mr. Nunley for all of his help and we highly recommend him to anyone else who needs his services.  Thank you Mr. Nunley for giving us a much-needed second chance.”

C.B. & C.B., Broken Arrow

“My husband and I really enjoyed working with Dan.  We felt very comfortable at our first meeting and that feeling continued throughout our dealings with him.  Dan was available when we needed him and he was extremely helpful when I had questions.  He made a bad experience very pleasant, and he was able to calm me when I worried about things.  We highly recommend Dan Nunley.”

M.D. &  K.D., Wagoner

“We would like to sincerely THANK-YOU for walking us through this difficult process. You made it seamless. You are professional and on point with all the advice you gave us. You put us at ease and continued to answer all questions we had removing any doubt in our minds of what was to be expected. You are recommended highly to anyone seeking to file for bankruptcy. If only all attorneys would be this straight-forward and knowledgeable. Once again, THANK-YOU so much!!”

D.O. & T.O., Broken Arrow

“Mr. Nunley, I am very pleased with the way you handled my bankruptcy. You accepted the fact that I was seriously in trouble, but never made me feel uncomfortable or irresponsible. I truly appreciate your help with my economic survival. I would recommend your service to anyone in trouble. Have them call me if you want. I talk better than I type. Thanks again.”

J.P., Checotah

“I just wanted to thank you for all of the work that you did on my case and the help that you gave me. You have been the only person that was worthy of trust as my case progressed. You were always honest with me and very detailed through out the whole process. It was a lot of work, but you made it go so much easier that I thought it would go. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and your dedication to help me. I have already given your information to others who desperately need your help, and I am certain that you will be able to help them as well. Thank you again and May God Bless.”

K.F., Broken Arrow

“Making the decision to file bankruptcy was very difficult for me. Mr. Nunley’s knowledge and professionalism helped make that difficult decision easier. His patience and availability to answer my questions all throughout the different stages of the bankruptcy process helped to make it an easier and less stressful event.”

C.B., Bristow

“Mr. Nunley, Thanks for everything you did with my bankruptcy case. You handled everything in a very professional manner yet you were very laid back when we met each time which helped me to feel at ease. I was always confident that you had everything taken care of and that I was in good hands. I would recommend you to anyone that found themselves in the situation I was in and would not hesitate to refer them to you. Again, thanks for handling my case.”

G.T., Coweta

“By the time I called Mr. Nunley, I was at the end of my rope. Countless other bankruptcy attorneys had told me they wouldn’t even speak with me because my household income was above the means test limit. As soon as I spoke with Dan, I knew everything would be all right.  He was able to take my complex case and explain it in terms I could understand. He always had time to answer my endless questions and being technically savvy, he was always just an email away. I can’t thank him enough for his kind, compassionate, professional service.”

D.B., Broken Arrow

“Thank you so much Mr. Nunley. You treated us with the utmost dignity and it was an absolute pleasure working with you. We were very embarrassed and scared to find ourselves in such a bad financial situation. We had heard that with our income there was no way that we would be able to file for bankruptcy under the new laws, yet with your knowledge and expertise, we qualified with no problem. Again, many thanks.”

D.S. & C.S., Collinsville

“Mr. Nunley was very easy to work with throughout the whole process. He was very professional and knowledgeable in bankruptcy law. I appreciate the open lawyer to client communication and quick responses to any questions that I had. He helped make the whole process flow smoothly. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for assistance in bankruptcy.”

K.P., Antlers

“Thinking of filing for bankruptcy was a very stressful decision for me and picking a lawyer was a shot in the dark. I picked Dan because I liked what he said on his website. After consulting with him on the phone, I knew that Dan was very knowledgeable and professional so I hired him as my lawyer. There is a lot of paperwork and issues involved in filing bankruptcy, so do not fool yourself. You need a lawyer and you need a good one. Dan is your man.”

M.L., Tulsa

“When we realized that we were going to have to file bankruptcy, we searched the Internet for a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy law and found Dan Nunley. We researched Dan and found no complaints against him and decided to contact him to see if he could help us.  We believe we made the best choice. We appreciate the way Dan worked with us. He was very prompt in responding to our phone calls and emails. In answering our many questions, Dan never talked down to us but made things easy for us to understand. Dan was always up-front with what we should expect from him and he always did what he said he would do. Dan made filing bankruptcy a less daunting experience for us.”

B.W. & C.W., Broken Arrow

“Mr. Nunley, for me you were a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Now for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I have a future. Thank you for understanding how difficult the decision to file bankruptcy is and for making the process so easy.”

S.G., Catoosa

“I always paid my bills on time. Sometimes I would even pay the $15 same day payment charge just so my credit card payment wouldn’t be late. However, when the new credit card laws went into effect, I became the victim of the credit card companies’ greed. They jacked up my interest rates and my minimum monthly payments to where it was difficult for me to manage. I had been a good customer of theirs for many years and never had a problem or a late payment so I asked them why they were doing this to me? They just gave me excuses and refused to work with me.

So I looked for answers and came across an attorney named Dan Nunley. After listening to my situation, the first thing Mr. Nunley said was “Unfortunately, in this world bad things happen to good people.” Right then and there I knew I had contacted the right attorney. Mr. Nunley really listened to me and showed that he cared about my problems. He told me that he would make thing right and he did. He accomplished exactly what I needed to have done. I highly recommend Dan Nunley. If he could help me, I’m sure he can help you.”

R.M., Tahlequah

“My husband & I were comfortable with our six figure income until a few years ago it dropped by nearly 70%.  We kept thinking we would work our way out of it but it finally reached a point where I wouldn’t open the mail or the blinds and I felt like I would throw up when the phone or doorbell rang. Having a degree in business, I felt like an absolute loser. I couldn’t sleep through the night and I was having heart flutters.

Nearly everything we had worked a life time for had been sold to keep us afloat. We went from two Lincoln Navigators to a $1000 work pickup and a five year old Ford Focus. I learned to cut my own hair, shop with coupons and buy our clothes from garage sales but no matter how hard we tried, it just wasn’t enough.

We had gone from belonging to a country club and having someone clean our house to mowing yards and cleaning out foreclosed properties for a lender. One day while scraping crud from under a sink, I cried and asked my husband “What went wrong? I went to grad school to spend the end of my life like this?”

My husband found Mr. Nunley on the internet. We both read almost every word and watched every video several times. Thankfully my husband sent Mr. Nunley an email asking if he could help us with filing bankruptcy.

Mr. Nunley walked us step-by-step through bankruptcy. He treated us professionally and with respect all along the way. This week I started opening the blinds again and actually worked in our yard.

If you are overwhelmed with what the economy has done to your finances, please swallow your pride and call Mr. Nunley to see if he can help you too.”

R.M. & J.M., Broken Arrow

“Dan Nunley made this experience as seamless as possible. He was very personable and accommodating to my situation. Thank you Dan!”

T.B., Tulsa

“Dan was very professional and knowledgeable. He was very reassuring as he walked us step-by-step through the bankruptcy process. If you are considering bankruptcy, you couldn’t ask for a better advocate than Dan Nunley.”

C.P. & L.P., Broken Arrow

“Creditors were calling us every day – nasty, nasty phone calls. We just couldn’t pay all the bills. Then a close friend told us about Dan Nunley so we called him – and man are we glad we did because that was when things began to get better. The nasty phone calls stopped and Mr. Nunley dealt with our bill collectors from them on. Mr. Nunley made us feel like we were just as good as anybody else.”

J.H. & B.H., Pryor

“My problem was credit cards and medical bills and people harassing me and threatening to garnish my paycheck. It just made me so sick and I finally couldn’t take it anymore so I called Mr. Nunley. He treated me with the utmost respect and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Someone to be on my side. Now I can smile again. Everything worked out for the best.”

L.D., Tulsa

“Mr. Nunley, Thank you for making what could have been a very traumatic experience so much easier. You were very informative throughout the process which helped to greatly relieve my stress and worry.”

V.W., Broken Arrow

“Dan is a fierce consumer advocate who is constantly increasing the scope of his knowledge of the law. He is compassionate, tireless and skilled. Consumers looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Oklahoma would be wise to choose him as their advocate.”

Jay Fleischman, Attorney, Fleischman Consumer Law Center, Brooklyn, NY

“Dan Nunley is a bankruptcy lawyer’s lawyer. I’ve been following Dan’s posts on Twitter ( where he consistently posts links to his thought-provoking and practical blog on this subject. Great guy, knowledgeable and professional. If you’re not going to hire me, hire Dan.”

Ben Callicoat, Attorney, Jarboe & Stoermer, Tulsa

“Dan Nunley is undoubtedly one of the most moral, ethical, competent and thorough attorneys I have ever met. What I mean is that what you want in an attorney is someone that will give you an honest opinion, is diligent in his work, and pays attention to detail as well as the personal lives behind the work. That is Dan Nunley in a nutshell. He understands his practice area well. In Oklahoma this is the person I would recommend.”

Chuck Newton, Attorney, Charles Newton & Associates, The Woodlands, TX

“Dan consistently demonstrates integrity and reliability. He is a good communicator and keeps matters on track.”

Richard Carson, Attorney, Gable Gotwals, Tulsa

“I have known Dan since law school, and he is a smart and ethical lawyer.”

Holly Cinocca, Attorney, McCormick, Field & Cinocca, Tulsa