About You

You never thought your bill problems would get this bad.

But then the economy weakened. Groceries and gasoline costs went through the roof. Everyday living expenses skyrocketed. Not to mention doctor’s visits and prescription drug costs.

And before you knew it, your finances were out of control.

Then you missed a payment or two on your credit cards. Perhaps the credit card companies raised your interest rates.

Maybe your biggest problem right now is your home mortgage. You fell behind several payments and now you’re facing foreclosure.

Or you’re afraid that the finance company is about to repossess your car or truck. Then how will you get to work?

Maybe your wages are about to be garnished. Then how will you feed your family?

Or maybe the IRS or Oklahoma Tax Commission are threatening to levy your bank account over back taxes.

You could be way behind on your child support payments and about to be found in contempt.

Now you don’t know where to turn. You’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s hard to know who or what to trust these days.

You’ve thought about credit counseling but that doesn’t cover every bill and it does nothing for mortgage problems.

Letters come in the mail about debt consolidation, forbearance, workouts and a whole host of other options. But none of the companies seem reliable and trustworthy. You’re wary of fly-by-night organizations and scam artists.

And all the while, the debt collectors continue to call multiple times a day. And your mailbox is full of collection notices.

If this sounds familiar, then maybe I can help by at least offering you good legal advice regarding the various legitimate options available to you including bankruptcy.

However, realize that bankruptcy is not the best option for everyone.

Many of the people that contact me are not good candidates for bankruptcy and I tell them that. Then I advise them of other possible solutions to their financial problems so that they can get back on their feet without filing bankruptcy.

However, for others bankruptcy is the best solution.

What’s right for your specific situation? You owe it to yourself to find out.

Use the “Contact Dan” form on the right side of this page to get in touch with me. I’ll call you back and we can start to figure it out. Together.